About me

Hi everyone!

I'm Jolien, but everybody calls me Jojo. I live in the little European country Belgium and I still go to school. In my spare time, I love to play music and I'm also a very creative person. So it's not surprising that I started scrapping in the beginning of 2010! Because I'm also a Disney Lover, I mostly scrap Disney pictures. 

Apart from Disney, Scrapbooking and Music there is recently a new love in my live! Yes I love my Canon EOS 550D which I got for my Birthday in 2011! Now I love to take pictures even more then before! But I've always liked to take pictures. Searching for the right angle, the right lighting and obtaining that perfectly sharp or smooth picture. I love it! 

I always love to learn, except for school! Now I'm learning and taking my baby steps in the world of designing scrapbook stuff. I hope that you will like what I create, but I've still got a lot to learn! 

If you got any questions or comments, please contact me.