Thursday, 28 July 2011

There's a new store in town!

Finally the day has come that I can present you my lay outs made with kits from Digital Paper Press! 2 weeks ago I applied for a spot on a special CT! I needed to scrap all I could in 2 weeks with the kits from the new store. But the hardest part was not showing you my LO's before the opening day! Glad that day has come!!

First of all: a BIG thank you to Casey of Digital Paper Press for giving me this opportunity! I had such a nice time making LO's with her kits! So thank you for taking me abroad in this fun 2 week CT!

So who want to see some LO's? I bet you would! So here they are!
First I started scrapping with the Abby kit. 

I liked it very much! So I dug into my Disney photo's and created these 2 lay outs:

Those 2 were just the start! The next kit I picked out of the store was Retro Diva.

Once again I made 2 lay outs:
 I can't help it, but I'm in love with the second lay out! 
I never thought I could make such a lay out for Tarja with that kit!

The next kit were I laid my eyes on was: Birthday Wish

I chose it because of the nice colours in the preview. But it was much harder to scrap with then I thought! The fact that I didn't have so much birthday photo's had something to do with that. But did you see those awesome candle numbers? I like them so much!! 
Enough chatting about it! here are the 2 lay outs:

For the first one I also used a template from WM squared!

And for the last kit I chose All I want for Christmas.

Yeah, I know It's July. But the weather here is horrible! So my thoughts are already with Christmas and the end of the year! 

These are the last 2 lay outs of my 2 week CT commitment:

These 4 are not the only kits in her store though. Here are the previews of the other 4 kits:

So what do you think? I think these are some Awesome kits! And the nicest of all: they're all on a sale price to celebrate the opening weekend! So what are you still doing here? (no no, I don't want to kick you from my blog. But you definitely need to check out the store!)
Hop over to Digital Paper Press and grab those kits all on 35% off! (until 31th July)

But to celebrate a bit more, you can also hop over to the blog were you can find a contest and freebies! With that contest you can choose your favourite kit from the store and get it for free! All you got to do is leave a comment on her post and telling that you've heard of the store from me, Jolien/Jojo, and that's it! So grab that chance of winning one of these awesome kits! But like I said, there are also freebies! Everyday of the next week she will highlight one of those kits and you'll find a freebie with that post! So go check out that new blog: Digital Paper Press Blog

While you're at the store or the blog, I'll be scrapping again. The photobook Competition of the store called "Kruitvat" is coming up again! And like last year, I'm going to enter again, but therefore I need to finish my book! I still need to make 3 pages and I want to redo some. And I still have that Disney trip for the first 3 days of august. So I know what to do! 

See you soon!

Sunday, 24 July 2011


Hey everyone!

Because the weather still isn't very summer-minded, me and my sister started to bake this week! And we are trying to make some cupcakes, but really we are horrible in baking them! Thursday we tried them for the first time, and the cakes weren't baked inside, so they had sunken in. (is that even correct English??) 

The first attempt:

Today, we gave it another try. This time they were a bit better. They're baked inside so you don't taste the raw bake-mix. But they didn't have the perfect form. And that last part is crucial when you're trying to decorate them. (therefore the title Scrapcooking) So our decorating isn't perfect! 

In the kitchen, me and my sister know what to do when we bake. She is in charge of the baking itself, while I help her and that role changes when it comes to decorate everything. I love to decorate such things! 

For making 12 cupcakes for a Aveve-mix (we're not the baking princesses you thought) we used:
* 250g of the cupcake mix
* 2 eggs
* 25ml water
* 100g butter

Those ingredients we mixed together and after that we divided it among 12 cupcake forms. Those needed to be 20-25 minutes in a baking-oven on 180°C.

And what do you get after that?
Right, Cupcakes that are bursted open.

But we (all right mostly I) managed to create some cuties like a sheep, cow, duck or even orange ballet shoes!

This is the decorating work in progress:

And this are the finished and delicious cupcakes!

Now you mean why I call this Scrapcooking! And it's delicious too! (especially those with chocolate on them!)

That's all I wanted to share with you today!
(hope I didn't get you hungry)


Monday, 18 July 2011

Some nice things are coming up!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while, but I've been very busy last days! I had so much fun designing for the blog train that I want to create even more kits/freebies! And the same goes for the other's who worked along on the blogtrain! So we're presenting our "groupblog" where you can find everything on what we're going to do together! And I can tell you that we have some amazing plans for the next months, so keep an eye on the Little Lowlands Blog!

Apart from designing and the little lowlands blog, I also got some exciting news past week! I got a little CT task for a new store that opens the 28th of July! So now I'm again busy with creating Lay-outs for that and you'll get to see them when the store opens! I think there are some amazing kits in the store!! But more on that subject in a couple days!!

By the way, did anyone know where the summer went? Cause over here it's more like fall than summer! We got rain all the time the last weeks! I'm hoping the weather will be better from the first of August cause.... I'm going to Disneyland Paris for my 10th time then!! So those days I can't get you updated on everything.
Speaking from updating! I told you about the lost snake in my neibourhood and it still isn't found! The owner had also another snake and the animal care centre took it along with them cause the cage wasn't good enough for those snakes! He also didn't have a permit for having snakes, and it looks like he won't get any in the near future! But still the python isn't found. We guess it's dead due to the bad weather and low temperatures, but you'll never know!

So that's all for today! Keep an eye on my blog to read everything about that new store were I'm CT'ing for and enjoy the rest of the summer (if you got those summer temperatures)
See you soon!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

It's Summer, Baby [Blogtrain!]

Welcome here at my station!
If everything went well you should have come from Designs By Fiona! I'm so glad that this train would stop here at my little station! And it's a train of celebration! Of celebrating our blogs, our designing process and of course: Summer!

As you can see: today is the day! The day I present my first kit to you all. As the title says, It's a summer inspired kit, and mine is a bit extra inspired by the summer nights. I must say, I had a lot of fun working on the kit, and I can tell you that this won't be my last freebie kit! I learned a lot true this one, and I'm still learning. So you can always leave a message here or at with your tips for me, if you enjoyed the kit,... 

I can't leave you all waiting, cause a train never waits when you need it to wait! So here's my part of our Blogtrain:

And here are 2 lay outs made with my kit. The first I've made myself, the second one is from our lovely friend Patty (Nadauh, Scrappily Me) She took the time to make a lay out for every stop of our blogtrain! I really appreciate that!


And that isn't everything! I made also a frame and a border with elements from the other parts! You can use them too, cause they're an extra freebie in this post! (I told you, it was a celebration!)

You can download these here: DOWNLOAD BONUS

So that was all for my part! I hope you liked it! If you got any problems with Downloading, please let me know at and I'll make sure you got this freebie! But the train moves on. If everything went well you should have come from Designs By Fiona and the next stop is Romajo's Scrap

In case you missed a stop from the train, I also got the full list for you:

Monday, 4 July 2011

Blogtrain anouncing!

It's summer!
And apart from the fact that I can't go outside because one of our neighbours have lost their snake and the animal can be everywhere, it's a great feeling to have vacation! I still need to stress a bit, because I didn't pass for my designs in Architecture and now I maybe need to stop that study. Maybe photography, but I'm not so sure about that one!

To celebrate the summer, and also a bit the birth of our new blogs, we have made a little blog train that runs on the 7th of July! And I'm proud to say that I'm a station too! The We-bit in that sentence is for me and my scrapping friends from the Dutch Digital Scrapbooking board. We all started to blog and design at the same moment and we learned a lot in those few weeks!

Here's a little sneek peek from what you can expect for my part! 

Hope you like it, and I'm looking forward too welcome you all the 7th here at my station!
For my American visitors: I'd like to say: have a great 4th of July celebration!
And too all the others: Enjoy the summer (I hope for you all without a snake on the loose in your neighbourhood!)

Now I'm going to start scrapping again! It's been a while, so I'm far behind with all those awesome challenges going on!