Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New Beginnings!

Hello everyone!

The fall train also got a present for me! I applied a while ago for the CT-team of Forever Sisters Scraps. And guess what. I made it!! I got the news when the blogtrain (that you find in the previous post) just went out! And now I'm super exited of coarse! When 2012 starts I can start with another CT-task next to this one. But for that second one you have to wait a bit more before I tell you more about it!

Also School is going well right now. I finaly know which coarses to follow, and I'm starting to get around the new campus. But I miss my best friend from Antwerp of coarse. But I'll find my way around in Hasselt... But it will take a while.

And as third good thing in this post, I'm glad to say that the snake is found!! The animal has been caputered and has been taken too an animal care center. Now everything is back to normal in this neibourghood!

And because everything went so well, and because I wanted to start on my CT-job, I dug into the kit "Make Believe" from My 4 Princesses Designs. The deal for the CT-job is to make Lay out's for My 4 Princesses Designs and for Rachel Pali Designs. But the 2 of them work also together as Forever Sisters Scraps.

For me it was a fun kit! But the element that I really liked is that cute Dragon! It made me think of a particular scene in the beginning of It's a Small world in Paris... So you can guess what I've put togheter.
You're going to see a lot more from their work in the future!
See ya!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Fall For You [Blogtrain]

First of all: thank you for everyone who voted for my Disney scrapbook! My book is doing great in the ranking, but it can always better of coarse ^^
You can still vote for it at Kruidvat. Just hit the button "Stem nu" and hit the 5 stars. I thank you so much for doing that. And maybe I win a nice trip to Mexico or a hotel stay!

And now the important topic of this post, cause it's here again!
The Train departed from the Little Lowlands is once again touring our blogs! If you came from Fiona's station, I hope you had a nice travel. If you just hopped on, I give you a warm welcome!
This time we bring you a fall kit with really nice colors!

You can download my contribution by clicking on the preview. Then you come in a group on 4-shared and need to select each file separately (just click on the name) to download it. But if you got a pro 4-shared account, you can download them all in once! 

For me it was really hard to make a lay out with my own kit! Simply because I don't have that much fall photo's! But I managed to make 1 lay out, so you can see a bit more of the kit of coarse.

Before I send you to Marieke, I want to ask you to leave a comment with your thoughts about my part of the train. I really want to improve my designs and that's why I need your feed back! What would you do different? or what do you like very much? that's all I want to know. And I'm sure the other Designers want the same thing. So please, also leave a comment for their contributions! We're all learning from it!

I thank you for stopping by, and wish you a nice and smooth travel to Marieke
Remember to ride the whole train, and be sure to download everything! Some parts of the train are only available to download for a limited time!
If you just started your journey here, or you lost track of the train, here's the full list again:

If you liked the whole train, you should check our blogs again in a few weeks. Maybe we got something extra for you!
Have a nice day!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sneek peek

Hi everyone!

I told you about those new kits. Well let me start with a new Blogtrain! The 23th of September is a new Blogtrain day! So mark it in your agenda. And I'm sure you can guess the new theme of the kits!

But apart from the sneek peek, I want to ask you again for voting for my book! It's doing really great in the list, but with your help I can dream even more of a trip to Mexico or a night in a hotel of my choice. See my previous post for more details! And thank you for voting!

And I got other nice news. I told you about some redo's I needed to do on my exams. Well, I passed all 3 of them! So now I hope, I quickly hear something of my new school, because everything is starting very soon! And I don't want to be behind on that one too!!


Saturday, 10 September 2011

I'm a bad blogger!

Oh My Gosh!! Has it been that long since I shared something with you?! I'm a bad blogger!!

But now, I got something special to share! I've been working on a couple new kits, but therefor you need to wait a bit longer. I send out a couple CT applications, so I hope that I get one. But that's still not the main reason for the post. 

I told you a while ago that I needed to finish my scrapbook for a photobook competition! Now I got it finished and I like the result! So it's in the photobook competition. And if you like it, you can vote for it! (and that's something I like of coarse ^^ ) You can vote and view my book on this link: My photobook 
Because the site is in Dutch, I shall help you for the voting. Under my book there are little links. The one with the sign of a star is the one for voting. Right next to it, it says "Stem nu" When you hit that link, you need to select the 5 stars, enter you're e-mail and enter the code that's in the box to prove you're human. A really big thank you for voting!!

Here are also a few pictures of the book:

But that book isn't the only one I've put together! Since I've came home from Disneyland Paris, I started making my own autograph book. And a few day's ago, I went to pick it up and it looks gorgeous! (apart from 1 big typing mistake which I thought I'd had changed!) In a few days I can show it to the Disneycharacters, cause I'll be going back on the 13th and 14th of September! 

And also a few photo's from this little book:


I hope you all had a nice summer! And be sure to check my blog again in a few weeks for those kits I've promised!! Don't forget to vote!!