Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sneek peek

Hi everyone!

I told you about those new kits. Well let me start with a new Blogtrain! The 23th of September is a new Blogtrain day! So mark it in your agenda. And I'm sure you can guess the new theme of the kits!

But apart from the sneek peek, I want to ask you again for voting for my book! It's doing really great in the list, but with your help I can dream even more of a trip to Mexico or a night in a hotel of my choice. See my previous post for more details! And thank you for voting!

And I got other nice news. I told you about some redo's I needed to do on my exams. Well, I passed all 3 of them! So now I hope, I quickly hear something of my new school, because everything is starting very soon! And I don't want to be behind on that one too!!


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