Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New Beginnings!

Hello everyone!

The fall train also got a present for me! I applied a while ago for the CT-team of Forever Sisters Scraps. And guess what. I made it!! I got the news when the blogtrain (that you find in the previous post) just went out! And now I'm super exited of coarse! When 2012 starts I can start with another CT-task next to this one. But for that second one you have to wait a bit more before I tell you more about it!

Also School is going well right now. I finaly know which coarses to follow, and I'm starting to get around the new campus. But I miss my best friend from Antwerp of coarse. But I'll find my way around in Hasselt... But it will take a while.

And as third good thing in this post, I'm glad to say that the snake is found!! The animal has been caputered and has been taken too an animal care center. Now everything is back to normal in this neibourghood!

And because everything went so well, and because I wanted to start on my CT-job, I dug into the kit "Make Believe" from My 4 Princesses Designs. The deal for the CT-job is to make Lay out's for My 4 Princesses Designs and for Rachel Pali Designs. But the 2 of them work also together as Forever Sisters Scraps.

For me it was a fun kit! But the element that I really liked is that cute Dragon! It made me think of a particular scene in the beginning of It's a Small world in Paris... So you can guess what I've put togheter.
You're going to see a lot more from their work in the future!
See ya!!

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