Monday, 30 May 2011

Get it right?

I’ve just presented my project, and to be honest I think it was horrible! The 3 other people who needed to judge me were so mean and horrible to me! So I’m a bit down right now.
To keep you all up with me, I’ll present my project once more today, but this time to you. Feel free to share your thoughts with me about it, cause I don’t see the big mistakes my judges saw.

We needed to make a house in the middle of a hill (but first thought. Who wants to build in the middle of a hill when you got a flat and empty surface on top of the hill and down the hill!) Me needed to start with 4 spaces that were linked to each other. In the beginning I chose to experiment and pick cylindrical spaces to build in my project. But the result of that didn’t satisfy my feeling about it and I went to redefine everything. I came up with 3 rectangular spaces who were on top of each other. They follow the slope of the hill. To top those rectangular spaces, I still used a cylindrical space. The way it was connected to the other spaces was so spectacular and eye catching that I didn’t want to lose that.  In the next faze we needed to make it like a home, so I placed the living spaces in the big rectangular ones and the cylindrical space became an out-side space to give a nice romantic add-on with the parents’ bedroom.

Some photo's of my models: 

The judges thought I was too busy with form, and not with architecture.  Also the cylindrical space they questioned. But in my opinion, that space is a nice effect in the whole project. It came there throughout experimenting with things, and it stayed there. If it would be rectangular like the other spaces it would be a boring project in my opinion. I needed something expressive and spectacular to satisfy my thoughts about it. But is wasn’t good enough.

So now I’m wondering, what have I done wrong? How can I learn from this? And how can I get it right? Is there is any right? And with all these thoughts there’s one Glee song that fits! Here is it, cause it fits so well with my feelings and thoughts about my project.

Let’s hope for the best for my project.
And now I’m going to relax a few hours (Scrapbooking!!) so I can start with a fresh head tomorrow. Examinations are coming up next week.
Wish it was July already!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Let's go Blog hopping!

Ok, first I want to tell about the concert yesterday. It was amazing!! I only played 2 little faults that no one but my fellow orchestra members heard. So I covered those 2 pretty good. Al my solo's went amazing, and afterwards everyone was so full with love for my playing! At the end, all the players who had a solo (so most of the players that play the first part) got to stand up for everyone. That moment felt so good. 

Next year we're doing a Beethoven programme. Very classic and that's what worries me a little. But like always, it will turn out great! Maybe I will get another solo, but that's for next year.

But the main reason for my writing is to inform you about something where I've been looking forward too! To celebrate the second birthday of Mousescrappers there's a huge Blog hop today!! So join me and start hopping now! I already saw a few previews from a few participants and they looked amazing! If you don't know what I'm talking about, go check ik out here @ mousescrappers.

And now I'm off hopping, and hoping my laptop has enough space to save all those amazing freebies!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Time is...

Time is CRUEL!! 

Why? because I just need to do so much things and that in very little time. Tomorrow I need to present my project once again, so now I'm finishing my model and plans for that. After that I need to make a note of the project for my teachers. Then there are all the nice challenges at mousescrappers. This week is all about speed scraps, and I still need to finish my hopscotch challenge. 

These are the lay-outs that I recently made for the birthday challenges:

Bake me a cake:

Cake smash:

Simon Says:

Speed Scrap #56

Speed Scrap #57

And speed scrap #58 is on its way.

But the most time robbing thing this week, is what I've got planned for Saturday. I need to play a concert that night, together with the other members of the symphonic orchestra of my music school. We have still a few rehearsals this week, because we need to clean up all our pieces. This year we're going to play a fully France inspired program. And I need to play a few little solo's! I'm going to be nerves Saturday! So wish me luck!

And now I need to get going, all that work won't finish itself :(


Monday, 9 May 2011

All things Disney!

Hi everyone!

Today started a new challenge on Mousescrappers for the second anniversary of mousescrappers! The challenges is called "All things Disney - A-Z" and is so much fun! The tread travels too the alphabet and you have to search for a good Disney related picture to fit wit each letter. But you can't use a subject twice. So some letters become very hard! And they are moving fast like hell!! Maybe you'll need to check out the thread and join. (You can win some awesome prices!!)

And now I'm off to my tv! Glee is on and I can't miss a second of it! (It's such a cool show!!)

Lot's of love!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Disney Store

I'm home, did a few things for school and now I still need to do a few things I promised. One of those things is telling you how amazing the new Disney store is! It's the first one here in the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg together) But it won't be the last if we can believe the rumours!

The store opened at 11 this morning, but due to school I couldn't be there before 4 this afternoon. We had to wait a bit before we could enter because there were many people.When we entered, we got a little flag of the Disney store.

The inside of the store is amazing! Anywhere you'll look, you'll always see a bit of the skyline. I really liked that! There are lot's of interactive items in the store. And I've stayed over an hour in the mini theatre on the first floor. I watched, together with a lot of kids, to clips you could choose!!

Yeah I really liked it over there! I 

"Follow your imagination"

After we were able to leave this awesome store, we went to the station. And there i finally couldn't resist the delicious strawberries that lay there. I bought myself some strawberries with white chocolate and disco bolls on it. So delicious!

And now I'm so tired! So I'm of to bed! Good night everyone!

So exited!

In just 2 hours, I'll finally be able to walk into the new Disney Store here in Belgium. It's the first store and it is in Antwerp. Let that just be the city where I go to school! So in 2 hours I have the time to go over there. When I'm home later, I'll share my thoughts of the store, but it's Disney so it will be good! :)

See you later!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Inspiration wanted!

So I already told you I'm an Architecture student. Today we needed to show our first designs for the new project, and to be honnest mine totaly sucked. I've spend the last 3 weeks searching for a good combination of 4 spaces, but I didn't get it the way I wanted it. So my teachers said I could start all over again. They liked a few details of my attempt, and I can re-use those things. But now I need to search for another combo of those 4 spaces.

When I sat on the train home, my mp3 decided to play "I'll Try" from 'Peter Pan 2' by Jonatha Brooke and the song reminded me that I can't give this project up. And believe it or not, but right after I heard the whole song, an idea ploped into my brains. So now I need to work it out and hope that my teachers will like it next week.

But to give you a reminder when you're a bit down or need some inspiration, I place the song here cause It's so damm nice!

Welcome to my world!!

Hi everyone!

Today is a special day for me, cause today is the day I started blogging! I started it because I get so inspired sometime from other bloggers and I wanted to give something in return by telling you about averything what interesses me. So I hope some of you will get inspired by me.

So let's talk a bit about me. I'm an architecture student who lives in Belgium. But still I want to blog in English because I can reach more people with it. My study will be sometimes the subject of a message. Besides my study, I love to play music. And now comes something a lot of you will like, I guess. I'm also a scrapbooker. Disney is my favorite scrap subject, and I try to make a few elements myself. So sometimes you can grab a freebie here. And I want to start with that!

To travel to my world, I will give you a little hand. I will give you the opertunity to travel by high speed train!
I've got even 2, so you can choose between a blue (with TGV on it) or a blank red. 
I used my train in a few Lay outs already.

So here's the freebie. Enjoy it!

Please leave a comment if you liked the train!

Lot's of love!!