Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Time is...

Time is CRUEL!! 

Why? because I just need to do so much things and that in very little time. Tomorrow I need to present my project once again, so now I'm finishing my model and plans for that. After that I need to make a note of the project for my teachers. Then there are all the nice challenges at mousescrappers. This week is all about speed scraps, and I still need to finish my hopscotch challenge. 

These are the lay-outs that I recently made for the birthday challenges:

Bake me a cake:

Cake smash:

Simon Says:

Speed Scrap #56

Speed Scrap #57

And speed scrap #58 is on its way.

But the most time robbing thing this week, is what I've got planned for Saturday. I need to play a concert that night, together with the other members of the symphonic orchestra of my music school. We have still a few rehearsals this week, because we need to clean up all our pieces. This year we're going to play a fully France inspired program. And I need to play a few little solo's! I'm going to be nerves Saturday! So wish me luck!

And now I need to get going, all that work won't finish itself :(


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