Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Inspiration wanted!

So I already told you I'm an Architecture student. Today we needed to show our first designs for the new project, and to be honnest mine totaly sucked. I've spend the last 3 weeks searching for a good combination of 4 spaces, but I didn't get it the way I wanted it. So my teachers said I could start all over again. They liked a few details of my attempt, and I can re-use those things. But now I need to search for another combo of those 4 spaces.

When I sat on the train home, my mp3 decided to play "I'll Try" from 'Peter Pan 2' by Jonatha Brooke and the song reminded me that I can't give this project up. And believe it or not, but right after I heard the whole song, an idea ploped into my brains. So now I need to work it out and hope that my teachers will like it next week.

But to give you a reminder when you're a bit down or need some inspiration, I place the song here cause It's so damm nice!

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