Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Welcome to my world!!

Hi everyone!

Today is a special day for me, cause today is the day I started blogging! I started it because I get so inspired sometime from other bloggers and I wanted to give something in return by telling you about averything what interesses me. So I hope some of you will get inspired by me.

So let's talk a bit about me. I'm an architecture student who lives in Belgium. But still I want to blog in English because I can reach more people with it. My study will be sometimes the subject of a message. Besides my study, I love to play music. And now comes something a lot of you will like, I guess. I'm also a scrapbooker. Disney is my favorite scrap subject, and I try to make a few elements myself. So sometimes you can grab a freebie here. And I want to start with that!

To travel to my world, I will give you a little hand. I will give you the opertunity to travel by high speed train!
I've got even 2, so you can choose between a blue (with TGV on it) or a blank red. 
I used my train in a few Lay outs already.

So here's the freebie. Enjoy it!

Please leave a comment if you liked the train!

Lot's of love!! 

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  1. Just found your blog through Mousescrappers. Thank you somuch for the trains!