Sunday, 22 May 2011

Let's go Blog hopping!

Ok, first I want to tell about the concert yesterday. It was amazing!! I only played 2 little faults that no one but my fellow orchestra members heard. So I covered those 2 pretty good. Al my solo's went amazing, and afterwards everyone was so full with love for my playing! At the end, all the players who had a solo (so most of the players that play the first part) got to stand up for everyone. That moment felt so good. 

Next year we're doing a Beethoven programme. Very classic and that's what worries me a little. But like always, it will turn out great! Maybe I will get another solo, but that's for next year.

But the main reason for my writing is to inform you about something where I've been looking forward too! To celebrate the second birthday of Mousescrappers there's a huge Blog hop today!! So join me and start hopping now! I already saw a few previews from a few participants and they looked amazing! If you don't know what I'm talking about, go check ik out here @ mousescrappers.

And now I'm off hopping, and hoping my laptop has enough space to save all those amazing freebies!

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