Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Disney Store

I'm home, did a few things for school and now I still need to do a few things I promised. One of those things is telling you how amazing the new Disney store is! It's the first one here in the Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg together) But it won't be the last if we can believe the rumours!

The store opened at 11 this morning, but due to school I couldn't be there before 4 this afternoon. We had to wait a bit before we could enter because there were many people.When we entered, we got a little flag of the Disney store.

The inside of the store is amazing! Anywhere you'll look, you'll always see a bit of the skyline. I really liked that! There are lot's of interactive items in the store. And I've stayed over an hour in the mini theatre on the first floor. I watched, together with a lot of kids, to clips you could choose!!

Yeah I really liked it over there! I 

"Follow your imagination"

After we were able to leave this awesome store, we went to the station. And there i finally couldn't resist the delicious strawberries that lay there. I bought myself some strawberries with white chocolate and disco bolls on it. So delicious!

And now I'm so tired! So I'm of to bed! Good night everyone!

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