Sunday, 26 June 2011

Relaxing and introducing

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? I don't have to go to school any more!! Okay I still need to pick up my results next week, but apart from that, I got vacation!! I already know how to fill it. Scrapping, scrapping and scrapping! Also a bit designing and a trip to Disneyland Paris! Half August it's out with the fun, cause then are my second chances for a couple of exams. But that's far far away!

So that was the relaxing part, now the introducing part! I wanted to write something today about my scrapping friends! We all are members of the same Dutch Scrapbook board and recently we all started with designing and some are really talented!

Let's start with Raoul.
His latest creation is also a toy block alpha! but really different from mine! I really like his designs and maybe you do too! He also made his own handwriting font, awesome Disneycharacters in 2 different ways and other alphas! You can pick up his freebies at his blog: Scrapbooking Raoul (you get directed to the toy blocks post)! Not all previews shown!

Next in line is Sarah! She is unstoppable at the moment! Wordbits are coming from her, like she was a mass production industrie! But she also has amazing alphas! She's also an upcoming designer you must check out! I'll post some previews of her work here, but for the download you need to head to Sarah's blog: Sarah Online! (you get directed to her post labelled as freebie)


And as last I want to introduce you to the work of Fiona! She's the reason I started scrapping and I really love what she does as a designer! She has such a nice style I really love her templates, because they're just perfect, and her buttons. For the alpha lovers, don't be afraid, cause she got them too!  Just go over to Designs by Fiona and grab them!


So that was all for today! I saw I need to practise a lot with those images in my blog messages. I may change the layout of the post later today because of that. 
But for now: It's relaxing time! Me and a friend go to a sort of market in a nearby town. I didn't see her for a very long time so it's going to be a lot of fun!!

See you later!!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Another Freebie!!


5 of the 7 examinations are already past. Only 2 to go! But one is just a paper and must be finished on Sunday, and the other is one harder subject, but that examination is miles away! (23 June) So I decided to take a little break from learning for school and I started on learning to design proper elements and other scrapstuff! I started with an Alpha that was in my mind for a very long time! And when I was busy, I dicided to make it in 6 different colors! Yeah, 6 different colors! Right now they only contain the upper case letters. Maybe later there will come one with the lower case. But for now, they're finnished and I can't wait to share them with you! Please make sure these freebies are for your personal use only. 

Click the images to download!
Hope you like the alpha! I'll post a example of it when I used it in one of my lay outs. But I havn't had the time yet to make a LO. 


Sunday, 12 June 2011

I showed off!

Hey everyone!

first some bad ending of my presentation from the 30th of May. I received my points for it, and well... It isn't good. I got 7/20 and that point is 20% of my final total. I hope that I get 10/20 in the end, but I'm a little scared. I really don't know what I've got to do if I fail again.

Right now, I've been so busy! Already 4 of the 7 exams I need to do are past me! Tuesday I've got the fifth one. Fysical sience... Urg. I've still got loads to do for that one! after that one, I get a little break. See that as scrapping time! finally!

To talk about scrapping. I wanted to post and let you know that one of my lay-outs is in the show off's from Britt-ish designs. I really love her products. And the lay-outs I've send is one of my favourites I've made during the second birthday of Mousescrappers. It's the page that comes next to my entry for Speed Scrap #58.

And Britt was so kind to give me, and the others who showed of, an amazing new alpha for free!
So if you also love her designs, go get there and show off sometimes! I've saw such pretty lay outs in the show off! You definitely need to check it out @ Britt-ish designs. 

I need to study a bit more this morning, and in the afternoon I've got to go to a party for my little niece and nephew. I don't know what it's called in English, but it's a party because they may accept the body of Christ in the church. (really bad definition) In Dutch we say "Communiefeest". So I'm going to loose most of the day because of that. And I need to do so much for my next exam! stresss...

See you next time!