Saturday, 10 September 2011

I'm a bad blogger!

Oh My Gosh!! Has it been that long since I shared something with you?! I'm a bad blogger!!

But now, I got something special to share! I've been working on a couple new kits, but therefor you need to wait a bit longer. I send out a couple CT applications, so I hope that I get one. But that's still not the main reason for the post. 

I told you a while ago that I needed to finish my scrapbook for a photobook competition! Now I got it finished and I like the result! So it's in the photobook competition. And if you like it, you can vote for it! (and that's something I like of coarse ^^ ) You can vote and view my book on this link: My photobook 
Because the site is in Dutch, I shall help you for the voting. Under my book there are little links. The one with the sign of a star is the one for voting. Right next to it, it says "Stem nu" When you hit that link, you need to select the 5 stars, enter you're e-mail and enter the code that's in the box to prove you're human. A really big thank you for voting!!

Here are also a few pictures of the book:

But that book isn't the only one I've put together! Since I've came home from Disneyland Paris, I started making my own autograph book. And a few day's ago, I went to pick it up and it looks gorgeous! (apart from 1 big typing mistake which I thought I'd had changed!) In a few days I can show it to the Disneycharacters, cause I'll be going back on the 13th and 14th of September! 

And also a few photo's from this little book:


I hope you all had a nice summer! And be sure to check my blog again in a few weeks for those kits I've promised!! Don't forget to vote!!

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  1. Jolien, those 'boekskes' are gorgeous! You did it girl! :-)