Friday, 5 August 2011

Back home

Bllleeuu... I hate being in this home and not in the place I call my home. Yes, I'm already back from my 3 day trip to disneyland Paris! And I have to say it. It was fabulous! A nice 10th trip!

I really don't know how many pictures I'd taken during those 3 day, but I know I've already delete a little 500 of them because I was out of memory! I had over the 20 gb on memorycards with me, and they're all pretty full! So you'll have to wait for the photo's.

I have so many photo's because I didn't went into an attraction, and just started a character hunt! It was so nice to interact with them! And the looks of some characters I'll never forget. Also the fact that Aladdin yelled at us from the Fantillusion float, or my "Bossy" quote to Cruella I won't forget! I really wished that I could have spent the night from 3 till 4 august there to! Just to see all those faces of face characters after our compliments to them! Yes we went to City hall, and spread out our love for the characters there!

Hmm, It was amazing! But now I still got to work on my book for the photobook contest! Although I'm not in a hurry any more for that. They changed the prices and now the first 10 will get a holiday to Mexico. But I've got nothing with Mexico. Sure there will be some nice places to visit, but I'm more for Disney resorts (that one you'd figured out already I guess) and World city's like New York, Paris, London,... So the travel cheque would have suit me more! But I'm still going to enter. Maybe I can sell the Mexico trip if I win one and use the money to go back to Disneyland!

I'll show you the photo's later on and tell you how many they are!


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