Thursday, 28 July 2011

There's a new store in town!

Finally the day has come that I can present you my lay outs made with kits from Digital Paper Press! 2 weeks ago I applied for a spot on a special CT! I needed to scrap all I could in 2 weeks with the kits from the new store. But the hardest part was not showing you my LO's before the opening day! Glad that day has come!!

First of all: a BIG thank you to Casey of Digital Paper Press for giving me this opportunity! I had such a nice time making LO's with her kits! So thank you for taking me abroad in this fun 2 week CT!

So who want to see some LO's? I bet you would! So here they are!
First I started scrapping with the Abby kit. 

I liked it very much! So I dug into my Disney photo's and created these 2 lay outs:

Those 2 were just the start! The next kit I picked out of the store was Retro Diva.

Once again I made 2 lay outs:
 I can't help it, but I'm in love with the second lay out! 
I never thought I could make such a lay out for Tarja with that kit!

The next kit were I laid my eyes on was: Birthday Wish

I chose it because of the nice colours in the preview. But it was much harder to scrap with then I thought! The fact that I didn't have so much birthday photo's had something to do with that. But did you see those awesome candle numbers? I like them so much!! 
Enough chatting about it! here are the 2 lay outs:

For the first one I also used a template from WM squared!

And for the last kit I chose All I want for Christmas.

Yeah, I know It's July. But the weather here is horrible! So my thoughts are already with Christmas and the end of the year! 

These are the last 2 lay outs of my 2 week CT commitment:

These 4 are not the only kits in her store though. Here are the previews of the other 4 kits:

So what do you think? I think these are some Awesome kits! And the nicest of all: they're all on a sale price to celebrate the opening weekend! So what are you still doing here? (no no, I don't want to kick you from my blog. But you definitely need to check out the store!)
Hop over to Digital Paper Press and grab those kits all on 35% off! (until 31th July)

But to celebrate a bit more, you can also hop over to the blog were you can find a contest and freebies! With that contest you can choose your favourite kit from the store and get it for free! All you got to do is leave a comment on her post and telling that you've heard of the store from me, Jolien/Jojo, and that's it! So grab that chance of winning one of these awesome kits! But like I said, there are also freebies! Everyday of the next week she will highlight one of those kits and you'll find a freebie with that post! So go check out that new blog: Digital Paper Press Blog

While you're at the store or the blog, I'll be scrapping again. The photobook Competition of the store called "Kruitvat" is coming up again! And like last year, I'm going to enter again, but therefore I need to finish my book! I still need to make 3 pages and I want to redo some. And I still have that Disney trip for the first 3 days of august. So I know what to do! 

See you soon!

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  1. Awesome post. Thanks so much!!! I've loved having you on for the 2 week gig.