Monday, 18 July 2011

Some nice things are coming up!

Hey everyone!

It's been a while, but I've been very busy last days! I had so much fun designing for the blog train that I want to create even more kits/freebies! And the same goes for the other's who worked along on the blogtrain! So we're presenting our "groupblog" where you can find everything on what we're going to do together! And I can tell you that we have some amazing plans for the next months, so keep an eye on the Little Lowlands Blog!

Apart from designing and the little lowlands blog, I also got some exciting news past week! I got a little CT task for a new store that opens the 28th of July! So now I'm again busy with creating Lay-outs for that and you'll get to see them when the store opens! I think there are some amazing kits in the store!! But more on that subject in a couple days!!

By the way, did anyone know where the summer went? Cause over here it's more like fall than summer! We got rain all the time the last weeks! I'm hoping the weather will be better from the first of August cause.... I'm going to Disneyland Paris for my 10th time then!! So those days I can't get you updated on everything.
Speaking from updating! I told you about the lost snake in my neibourhood and it still isn't found! The owner had also another snake and the animal care centre took it along with them cause the cage wasn't good enough for those snakes! He also didn't have a permit for having snakes, and it looks like he won't get any in the near future! But still the python isn't found. We guess it's dead due to the bad weather and low temperatures, but you'll never know!

So that's all for today! Keep an eye on my blog to read everything about that new store were I'm CT'ing for and enjoy the rest of the summer (if you got those summer temperatures)
See you soon!

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