Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hooray Disneyland Paris!

At this moment, I am in Disneyland Paris! Yesterday I celebrated my own Birthday there, and today we're celebrating the 20th Birthday of Disneyland Paris itself! 20 years ago, on the 12th of April 1992 at 9.01AM it opened it doors for public!

Since we at the little lowlands are great Disney Fans, we wanted to do something for the 20th aniversary too. And you can guess it. We Made a Blog Train!

You should have come from the Little Lowlands blog if you're following the train already. Otherwise you can start here! Each member has a part of the resort for you to share as a freebie! My part is adventureland! But I'm going to ask you a favor for this part. You need to return in the summer months for my full part. During my designing, my computer crashed and I've been weeks without photoshop. I couldn't finish what I started and now I present you a mini kit for Adventureland with just a few papers and elements! I even wasn't able to create a nice preview for you :(  But In the summer I'm going to finish the kit.

For now I present you:

Be Adventurous Mini:

it contains, as you can see, 5 elements and 5 papers! click on the "preview" for the download.

Fiona made an LO with this mini!

Like I said, I hope to welcome you again this summer for the rest of the kit. But for now I want to wish you safe travels on this Anniversary train!

 1. Melanie ( Entrance)

 2. Hannie (Mainstreet USA)
 3. Sarah (castle)
 4. Little Lowlands Blog (Frontierland)
 5. Jolien (Adventureland) => you are here !
 6. Marieke (Fantasyland) 
 7. Fiona (Discoveryland)
 8. Raoul (Studio's)
 9. Renata (Party)
10. Samantha (Disney Village)
11. Annet (clusters!)


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 3 post on Apr. 12, 2012. Thanks again.

  2. How awful that Photoshop crashed on you.
    Thanks for the mini kit!

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely Disney mini kit. It is unusual to find someone who shares my birthday. I hope your birthday was just as special as mine. :)

  4. Thank you for the mini! So sorry about your computer crashing! Mine did that last summer without a bit of warning... I was lost for the two weeks until the new one arrived! Will be back this summer. Thanks!