Thursday, 5 January 2012

Santa's Challenge Results!

Santa left but he left one present with me. That present is for the participants of my Santa Challenge! I didn't know the kit had so much potential and I was surprised about the beautiful LO's that came into my mailbox! Thank you to everyone who participated. I sent you the download links earlier today. if you didn't get them, please let me know!

but you want to know what they all created not? I've tried many times to make a slide show out of it, but I guess that's nothing for me at this moment. So here they are:

And they all got this nice add on to the Christmas Express:

I hope everyone got a superb start of the new year. I know I did! Only now I have to catch up with a lot of things, and I've got examinations in a few weeks at school, so I might not be around as much as I used too!
See you all soon!

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