Saturday, 7 January 2012

Spotlight on "A Christmas Carol"!

A new day, a new Spotlight! If you're wondering why I'm doing these Spotlight series, it's just because I was away with the opening of Patty's store. Otherwise you would have had these spotlight series then. 

Today I'll take you back in the Christmas Spirit. (which is kind of hard to do with temperatures here in Belgium of 12°C and more! Way to hot for the time of the year!) But anyway, I'm going to try. Christmas is a good moment to sit down with the whole family and take some family pictures with the Christmas tree. Or just spend some time together. Now that Christmas is past us, you have some beautiful pictures to work with and A Christmas Carol is a perfect kit to go with those Pictures! 

I forget every time to make some family shots at the Christmas parties, but Disney in Christmas style also fits this kit properly! I made this LO before I went with New Years Eve and the pictures are already 2 years old. So the quality isn't that well. But now I have new one's from the same event I can make a redo when I got a bit more time. The template for this LO I made myself. You can find it in this post.

And for everyone who needs some more hours in a day (and more days in a week!) Patty was very generous! She made a pack with backgrounds and clusters! Just add your pictures and your LO is finished! 

Tomorrow it will be the last Spotlight. If you went to Patty's store already (of read some blog entries below) you know I'm going to turn the spotlight on "Light up the Sky"! See you Tomorrow!

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